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We want to provide affordable estate planning services to families in the Charlotte area.   Seeing a lawyer for a  Will, Trust, or Power of Attorney should not wreck your bank account.    You  should be able to get customized legal advice and properly drafted legal documents  from actual flesh and blood lawyers for a reasonable fee.  Please do not risk your Estate Plan with a generic "will and trust" from the web.   

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Bob Bollinger handled a case 20 years ago for two brothers.   Their father owned a large piece of land near I-85 but he hated dealing with lawyers.  He decided to do it himself, so he obtained "Last Will and Testament" pre-printed forms from an office supply store.  (Nowadays, you can get those off the internet.)  Dad and his wife filled in the blanks on those forms and executed them as their Wills.  Dad died, then wife died, and the probate outcome was devastating to the two brothers --- they were completely disinherited due to Dad's use of the generic store-bought Will form.   The problem?  One four-letter word was missing from the pre-printed generic Will.   A lawyer would not have made that error.   Call Bob and he will tell you the rest of the sad story.        

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